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mymusicrightnow's Journal

Our favorite music as of right now and why.
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Put up your favorite music right now
Thanks for joining!

This is a place for you to spread word about that crazy good song you think should get more airplay but just doesn't. It's what's on endless repeat on your iPod or whatnot. Let the rest of us know about it - if you think you've got some good taste in music, show us.

And, just as important, let us know why you like the song. Give us some insight.

Plus, if you tag your entries with your usernames, people that like your music and find other songs you recommend. It's all win, all the time.

The rules are simple:
  • You must post a video of a song you love right now. If you don't know how to do this...well, I'll get around to telling you how soon enough.
  • The title of the post must include the artist and the name of the song.
  • Tag your entries with your username - this will make it easy for someone that likes your music to hear more of it.
  • Tell us something about the song, whatever's important to you. But if it's overly long, put it behind a cut.
  • Lyrics are strongly encouraged because it'll just save us time - but all lyrics must be behind a cut.
  • One Vid per entry.
  • No more than three entries a day. Space it out; let us look forward to your next post.
  • Be polite to one another - we're not animals after all. I will stop this car and go back there.
Some suggestions:
  • Put in the lyrics if you got them - but they must be behind a cut (see above).
  • Genre tagging is highly encouraged.
  • If you don't put in the lyrics, at least put in that one line that grabs you and makes you love it.
  • If it's all over the top 40 already (in the US! I like things from abroad) you might wanna reconsider posting it. Unless you've got a good reason. Old songs are fine, like a blast from the past.
  • Link up where to buy the song if you like it. Artists should get paid for their work. If you get paid a referral fee, such as from iTunes or Amazon, that's fine.