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Christianne Girvan - Snowflake - Our favorite music as of right now and why. — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Our favorite music as of right now and why.

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Christianne Girvan - Snowflake [May. 19th, 2008|12:07 am]
Our favorite music as of right now and why.


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Something different!

OK, I know I'm breaking my own rules but I truly, honestly love this song by my friend Christianne and I think you will too. She said I could post it and the rationale behind the video is so you can hear the song; since she has no video, here's the whole song.

I ran into her tonight and she told me about a song she wrote and then she sent it off to me with these words:
A work in progress...hope you enjoy it! The inspiration for this song came from comments made to me walking the streets in Bedford Stuyvesant the neighborhood where I live in Brooklyn.

"Hey Snowflake! What 'cha doin on Arlington Place? You look like something on my frosted flakes!"

She was soft and fair as the moon
She stood out alone
A single white flower
The color of pure snow

They drew a circle that took her in
And asked her to stay for awhile

They said, hey,
they said, hey
Watcha doin' on Arlington Place?
You look like somthin' on my frosted flakes
But I like seein' you in my neighborhood
I like the way you dress
Everyday alone
Walking out of a rundown brownstone
She was never with anyone
Just on her own
But they would often accompany her home
Saying, where are you from?
And, are you really living here?

Download it here.